TIPS: What to send

For Printed Output (Press):

We recommend using Quark or InDesign as your layout tool and either Adobe Illustrator (vector art) or Photoshop (photos and raster artwork) as your graphics tools. These tools are available on either the PC or the Mac and are capable of producing electronic color separations which are needed to produce the separate plates for the press to print in multiple colors. 

For Photocopies:

We can accept a paper original or any Microsoft Office (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Publisher, or Adobe PDF file as well as the layout tool formats listed above.

Include with Your Document File:

Artwork  Include any linked graphics files placed in the layout file. Be sure you don't rename the artwork files after you have placed them in your layout or the links will be broken! For more tips to get your file press-ready, see Artwork and Graphics Tips.

Font Files

  • If you are sending a PDF file, embed the fonts.
  • For Adobe Illustrator files, you can either outline the fonts or send them.
  • For all other files (e.g., Microsoft Office, Quark, Pagemaker, etc.), send both the screen and printer fonts for your project.
  • Remember to include fonts used in EPS or other vector graphic files! 

Avoid “extras”  Make sure there are no extra files on the disk (to avoid confusion — and so we only print what you want!).

Printed Sample  Be sure to include a composite printout (at 100% of the final output) with the colors, bindery, and folding information clearly marked. Make sure to print the originals as your last step before you email files or copy them to disk.

See Also: How to send files

Still not sure? We can help! Give us a call at (952) 920-2113.