TIPS: Layout

  • If your project has a bleed, pull all colors and images that bleed off the sheet .125” beyond the page boundaries. Then be sure to tell us you want a bleed and include crop marks on your page layout.
  • If your project is set up to be trimmed, be sure that the crop marks that define the final trim size are set to “Registration” color.
  • If your job is not designed to “bleed off” the edge of the paper, allow at least .25 inches of gripper margin around all edges of your layout. This allowance is the non-printable area where the press or copier grips the paper to pull it through the machine.
  • Be aware of folding panels. Do your work at the full (100%) size of the final printed piece and allow for proper margins where you want it to fold!

See Also: Artwork Tips

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