TIPS: How to send

  • Compacting Files  Use Stuffit!, WinZip, or other compacting utility only if you need to reduce the file size to fit on a disk or to send it via email. 
  • Naming Files  When you name the files, be SURE to include the correct file extension (e.g., word.doc, quark.qxd) so we know what type of file you are sending.
  • Email  If a file is smaller than 10MB, send it as an attachment to an email to: We have a 10MB size restriction on emails with attachments.
  • Disks  If a single file in your project (or the total of all files) is larger than 10MB, copy all files onto a Zip disk, floppy disk, or CD. We’ll pick it up! Or you can bring it in. We can also accept your files on a plug-in (such as SmartMedia card reader) for any USB port.
  • Call us to pick up your paper originals to be photocopied – or bring them in to us – we’ll make clear, crisp copies for you.

See Also: What to Send

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