TIPS: Artwork/Graphics

For Crisper Images

  • What looks good on the screen may not print well. Avoid using graphics with a resolution less than 300 dpi.
  • Images copied from web pages or from an email are generally not meant to be printed and will appear fuzzy or have choppy edges.
  • For best results, scan images at 300 dpi or above.
  • If you plan to print photos taken with a digital camera, be sure your camera settings are for between 255 and 300 dpi.

For Cleaner Lines and Shapes

  • Avoid using “hairline” as the line width in a line drawing (these tend to disappear when printed in higher resolution). For best results, define the specific width of the line (at least .5 points) in the page layout file.
  • Use geometric tools in your graphics program to draw boxes and frames rather than to build them from individual lines. The corners may look fine on-screen and print fine on your laser printer but may overlap crookedly when printed in high resolution.

A Final Artwork Tip

  • Avoid putting an EPS inside another EPS in your design. This often causes problems when the file is sent to the digital copier or platemaker for interpretation.

See Also: Layout Tips

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