Frequently Asked Questions

How should I send an electronic file?

See Tips for sending files.

Should I have my job printed or copied?

There are advantages to both — it all depends on the timing of your project and the quantity. Some projects take more time to prep for the press but cost less per piece to print. Quantities less than 500 may cost less to run on the copier (and you get it faster). We can price it both ways for you to make sure you get the best quality for your dollars.

How can I save money and/or get my project done faster?

The more “press-ready” your files are (designed in such a way that our layout team can simply load and print), the more money you will save and the faster we can get your results back to you. For some tips on how to get your files in “press-ready” shape, see Graphics Tips and Layout Tips.

What is a “bleed” and do I want one?

A bleed is a design that extends to the edge of the paper. Neither a press or copier will print to the very edge of the paper. So to get the bleed effect, we print or copy the design on a larger piece of paper and then trim off the excess. For these reasons, a design with a bleed costs a little more. 

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